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Five star kabaddi

Every game has its origin somewhere. It is well known that Cricket was basically started by the English. Likewise KABADDI has its origin in the Indian subcontinent. Initially, it was considered a rural game but now it is gaining popularity in urban circles also. It is a team game but does not need any equipment. With the inception it has gained fame worldwide and the word KABADDI has become a buzz word. Its popularity tends us to write about it. So, let’s know about KABADDI, how it is played.

In this game, two teams play at a time. This game is either played on mat or in sand or mud. On the ground, there is a center line. Actually, there are two kinds of KABADDI; STANDARD STYLE AND CIRCLE STYLE. Later, we shall discuss about these kinds. One player from each teams get chance to ‘raid’ in opponent’s team by uttering the word ‘KABADDI-KABADDI’. Different skills like ‘DODGING’ in offensive way are used by the ‘RAIDER’ to touch his opponent to collect point. The opponent players are called ‘CATCHERS’. So, when the raider tries to touch any of the catchers, they use their playing skills in defensive way. Actually, after touching one of the catchers, the raider has to be cross the center line without being caught. In the return, the catchers or a catcher (CATCHERS’ NUMBER VARIES IN CIRCLE STYLE AND STANDARD STYLE KABADDI) also tries to hold the raider so that he cannot return to his natives. Now, the catchers send a raider to the opponent’s team to gather point and the same activity does as was done by the opponent’s team by uttering KABADDI-KABADDI. As the game prolongs the tension for gathering points increases. A lot of enthusiasm and vibrancy is seen not only in players but also in the audiences. Shouting, cheering and motivating for the favorite team is quite famous during KABADDI matches. Hitting, pushing, using abusive language, catching the player’s clothes are not allowed. Violent attacking, hitting the raider, side pushing are considered foul. Special rewards by the

organizers are announced for spectacular catches and raids. Especially, northern states of INDIA like; Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan are the hub of this thrilling game. Revival and upgrading of this game is quite praiseworthy by FIVE STAR KABADDI ACADEMY. It is trustworthy and best place to be the star of KABADDI.

History, background and development

Civilization and religion have a deep root of everything which is trending or non-trending. Each and
everything we experience today, is somehow connected to culture and religion. Theories from some
religious believers claim that KABADDI originated from Vedic period. There are some other theories in
this regard claim that KABADDI originated from Sistan region of Iran. The greatest epic of the world
Mahabharata has a story of KAURVAS and PANDAVAS related to KABADDI. Not only that but also there
is a link connected to Gautama Buddha regarding it. If we talk about today’s time, it is quite famous in
South Asia and other Asian countries. There are numerous names of KABADDI in different parts of South
Asia. Even Bangladesh has made KABADDI its national game. Talking about its national and international
recognition, Berlin Olympic 1936 proved to be a boon. The All India KABADDI Federation established a
milestone with its inception. Some new rules and regulations came into existence with this Federation.
This trend of organizational establishments did not stop here and Asian KABADDI Federation was
founded which is known as (AKF). In India, a boom was seen when Indian team won uncountable titles
and trophies in Asian Games and several international tournaments.


The PRO KABADDI LEAGUE which is also known as PKL which was formed on the basis of INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE. Yes, it is well known that the idea behind PKL was IPL. There were some speculations about the failure of PKL. But those speculations proved to be wrong and it gave a boom not only to India but also to KABADDI. It is also said that the Asian Games 2006 was an aspiration behind PKL. Starting its first session in 2014, with eight teams got spectacular fame over nights. Having a viewership of 435 million viewers, it stood second after the IPL and brought instant fame to the players of PKL. Truly saying, PKL inspired the rural and urban folks of India to play this traditional game again. Now, this time twelve teams are playing in PKL. Unfortunately, the 2020 PKL season is hanging in air due to the pandemic COVID-19.