KABADDI has its origin in the Indian subcontinent
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Culture and sports are interrelated words. Not only sports but also any kind of activity directly or indirectly is related to culture. It is truly said that culture is the real representative of a country. It is seen in our day to day life, the persons with some special kinds of dressing and body gestures. If we talk globally, there are different kinds of persons available with different kinds of cultural activities. Even the ways of saluting and wishing are totally different. Some persons use NAMASTE, some use GOOD MORNING, EVENING etc., some use SALAAM and so on. These words of salutation display a rich cultural heritage.

The culture with NAMASTE is quite different from the culture related to GOOD MORNING and SALAAM. In the same manner, we witness persons or country with some special kinds of games and sports. We have cricket playing countries, basketball playing countries, kabbadi playing countries, wrestling playing countries, badminton playing countries and so on. Different kinds of game have different kinds of likings in different countries. The up and down is widely seen in the liking of sports. And it changes time to time. There was a time when hockey was famous worldwide and India had a name in that. Then cricket took its place and gained popularity. But during some years there is an upsurge seen in KABADDI. KABADDI, the true Indian traditional game has become quite famous during some years. Now, let’s know something about it.


  • Raider: A player from a team raids or goes in his opponent’s team to collect points by touching or tagging one of his opponents by uttering KABADDI-KABADDI after crossing the center line.
  • Catcher: A players or the whole team tries to catch the raider (depending upon the type of KABADDI) by not letting him cross the center line. Actually, the raider has to collect the point in his opponents’ lobby without being caught.
  •  Cant: When a raider utters the word ‘KABADDI-KABADDI’ repeatedly.
  • Dodging: When the raider or catcher uses some fake skills to befool the opponent.
  • Toe-touch: It is performed by the raider when he tries to touch the opponent by using his leg or toe. Except this there are many skills used by the raiders and catchers. FIVE STAR KABADDI ACADEMY uses scientific and modern techniques to train the players.
  • Different kinds of catches: The word ‘CATCH’ is quite famous in KABADDI and it has become a buzz word. Because, during catches, several kinds of acrobatic and thrilling tactics are used by a catcher to hold the raider. Whole perspired and tired the raider tries to get free from the catcher’s grip. Sometimes, he gets succeed and sometimes not. Wrist-catch, ankle-catch, thigh- catch and knee- catch are some spectacular and most famous catches by the catches.

There are two variations in the world famous game, so are the details:-

1. Standard Kabaddi: In this format of KABADDI, the measurement of the court is 13 meters x 10 meters. This measurement is certified by the Amateur Federation of India (AKFI). There is a center line and the area on the both sides is called lobby. In the lobby, the catcher catches the raider. The weight criterion is set at not more than 85 kg for men and not more than 75 kg for women. There are twelve players in it. Out of these, seven players play and five are reserved. The total time is forty five minutes and there is five minutes rest after twenty minutes.

2. Circle Kabaddi: This format is quite famous in northern states of India. Even Pakistani team also comes to India for playing this format. Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh are most famous for playing circles style KABADDI. According to its name, it has a radius of 22 meters which is separated into two equal halves by a center line. A six meter ‘Pala’ which is in the center of the mid line. The raider has to touch this six meter ‘Pala’ to gather point. There are total fourteen players in circle KABADDI. Out of these eight players play at a time and six are their substitutes.

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